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lirik lagu big c money – restricted area


d-mn man
i don’t even know what the f-ck is goin’ on anymore
just listen to what i’m sayin’
stop yo sh-t or i won’t be stayin’
you try to b-tch out
when i say some sh-t
so i’m done
with all these games you playin
yo’ bullsh-t just ain’t necessary
so grow the f-ck up you pretty fairy
stop milkin’ attention this sh-t ain’t dairy
i’d f-ck you up
but you’d be in a cemetery
these fake hoes say ride or die
but next week they sukin’ off another guy
and then we gotta be all f-ckin surprised
that they let a f-ckboy between their thighs
like sorry you weren’t what you advertised
when you drop yo’ pants, got em energized
of course your [dis]’guise will be compromised
when you’re seeing another guy when he’s oversized
and then there are people who are always upset
like i got money, straight as but my life is a mess
no one gets me because i’m different from the rest
and i wanna die ’cause i’m just a pest
listen up that’s a f-ckin state of mind
people shouldn’t be sad
that’s not how they were designed
we’re meant to fix the problem
then push it behind
to be happy you don’t need to be a mastermind
i cut out the drama
so keep the f-ck out
the whining, the bullsh-t
it just makes me shout
worry about yourself first
f-ck the others
think next
the things that they said
just leaves me perplexed
but i watch these stories just f-ckin fly by
and i watch these idiots lose their lives
and i watch as the bullsh-t makes someone cry
and i watch as the drama begins to die
ya’ll gotta listen to what i’m sayin man
i’m not trying to fix this sh-t for me
i just want sh-t to go back to how the way it was, bro
you know
it’s all about the bigger picture
it’s all about those f-ckin’ people
that have to get up in each other’s -sses all the time
just f-ck off man!
i really wish i could f-ckin understand
why all this drama sh-t is just so grand
i wanna meet these b-tches and give em f-ckin’ backhand
this is sh-t i don’t wanna f-ckin repeat
or i might as well slam someone in the f-ckin concrete
you’ll pay respects
lemme give you a reciept
stop trying to lower someone when they’re upbeat
or you might as well pray that you’re facing the street
’cause that’s the only way you’ll be fully complete
you wanna f-ck with the drama
then prepare for defeat
no one wants your bullsh-t
it’s time to delete