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lirik lagu ben zito – 2011 cypher


all i got is z’s
they sleeping on me
i can’t get ’em awake
i spoon feed them the sound
in a room full of deceivers and clowns
who believe they making it rain
cause, all they see is the clouds
forced a while
you birthed and gave me up
i just perfected being hip hops foster child
now check it
i don’t blame y’all for being trash fans
and copping it
the radio’s the crime scene
the masses are the hostages
in my youth i throw shots
true fan would be dodging it
i’m grown
i ain’t watching the throne
i’m sabotaging it
you see that four headed monster
and the storm looms
snipe ’em from a distance
the scope got a long zoom
you super mario thugs
is in the wrong room
got a figure here
you won’t get bigger here
if you on shrooms
if it was left to me
i’d revive what the game be ’bout
i’da took the wine outta amy’s house
enough raps
from you scrub cats
i’m about c~ckin a snub back
lil wayne couldn’t teach me
how to love that
so unafraid to die
you think i did it before
the boys rodman with the trash talk
magic or ward
with the black ball
the way i bounce off the asphalt
with cat paws
glass jaw
hoody and mask
will be to blackfoot
with no passport
body be found in the mansion
in one of my trap doors
if punks had awards
ya status wh0re
that, michael rappaport
and kenny lattimore
i know hip hops alive and well
if it died, you other crews
wouldn’t survive the smell
notorious pun and l
get the big picture
the poster
i’ll roast ya
my mind so deadly
it’s just like the beanie
is close to a holster
it’s over control
my whole coastal region
like i’m supposed ta
flow is going postal
even, open season
heart close to freezing
ruthless is easy
approach i’m squeezing
believe me
dopest west~coaster breathing
so most ya’ll hope i’m vegan
no pun, beefing
rappers need to keep it trill
give me a beat to k!ll
too many people still
eating sleeping pills
people sleeping on my ether sk!lls
and ya’ll ain’t even real
you ’bout to die in this cypher
before you die you should do
the jada and leave a will
this is an all day slaughter
they feindin for us
to break like beyonce’s water
the four quarters
doing all the eating
and you gotta know why i made the cut
i’m puerto rican

point out the greatest rapper alive
i head shot ’em
smack his girl on the b~tt
and buy her some red bottom
bring every deceased rapper
back to see his wife
while i’m cyber s~xing
with jessica alba, via skype
i’m on my d~boy
d~bo thing
spiritual steelo swing
like cee~lo green
get out the camera
with yo b roll bling
you know your flow is whack
we cornered the market
like a walmart
in a culdesac
yeah, this what 2 million singles sold
and a album that’s gold
look like
without having to sell your soul