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lirik lagu bclops – brewsed


[hook–lazerus & bclops]
tell you what to do, dude
grab brews with my crew
and you back like it’s voodoo
if you feelin blue boo
we kissin your boo-boos
cheshire cat grin
and we win when it all through

[verse 1–lazerus]
yo it’s a f-cked-up mish-mash
the cup goes splish-splash
the facts bring backlash
they act is hot trash
riff-raff bringin backdraft
the mad rash lip spit in they eyelash
the cr-ss words whiplash
makin your crew dip fast
it’s hotter than lit gas
it’s louder than split gl-ss
it’s our house, graham nash
very very very fine blouse
cat mouse
leopard print, liquor delouse
lick quicker with ash tint
y’all has been like ashton
i go where the gr-ss been
gaspin, red-eyed guy
monster mashin
sparks from the speaker
or from your eye flashin
puff puff p-ssin
there’s no need to ration
only mete out
when it’s time for p-ssion
gl-sses got us plastered
like it’s death and taxes
luck, fate, checkmate
and the state
that lazerus is in
is labyrinthian
i always let ‘er in
like she corinthian
you know i’m ready to mount
like an olympian
pouty excuse from zeus
why he limpin in
and she give me the smirk wide
like “i know men”
but she turned to the dark side
like kylo ren
i see your eyes glow red
i grab a quill to pen
stupendous suspenserves again
i got lines denser than defensive enders
the smartest party, like a mensa bender
got drinks to fetch
’cause i tender legal
bartender wink
nice catch, like ian eagle
got jokes fecal
got shots regal
she’s so precious to me
call me smeagol
the house go wild when i start to speak though
she make me scream like i meet a beatle (oh!)

[hook–lazerus & bclops] x2

[verse 2–bclops]
on point, on the table
steady rippin them cups
grippin, tippin, quick sippin
and we flippin ’em up
chill with miller and buds
while we illin as f-ck
and if some diller spillin
we refillin ’em up
’cause we chill with the buzz, son
we come to have fun
just chattin, ain’t no morpheus
not lookin for the one
i’m just tryin to pour more
soar like a condor
let me step out on the porch
and light this beacon of gondor
so you know where the dope at
you know we roll up so fat
show me to the keg
frat boy loan shark, i float that
belch ’til it echo (echo)
crawlin walls like a gecko (gecko)
too late to turn
let’s get t-tanically wrecked yo
party mode
y es para ti, bro
comprende que yo dio
si hablo en espanol?
mixin goose in my king co
mixin juice in my cuervo
gotta keep it ground level
i ain’t f-ckin with stairs, yo
tell you what i’m on do, boo
i’ma scoop a few brews
and we can cool on the roof
shootin sh-t, shootin truth
while we bark at the moon
two goons, laughs hootin
like the tic of a loon
but tomorrow come too soon
let’s be in the same room
get to comin like a combination
earthquake and monsoon
then when we all through
you stay if you like to
i’ma chug this quart of milk and p-ss out
so it’s all you