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lirik lagu bargain music – santa ana


i fell in love in santa ana
the girl was just my type
then we made love in santa ana
the sh-t went on all night
and then she said to me
oh joshua can’t you see
i’m the kind of girl you should marry
a twenty year old girly
i felt like mr. furley
looking at janet and terri

well i got lost in santa ana
trying to find a payphone
a victorious soldier in santa ana
hoping to find his way home
and i saw the condre’s bug
and i gave home boy a hug
haven’t seen him for about a year now
i said now check it yo
i’ve been walking toe to toe
he said you can always count on me bro

well he and i left santa ana
and long beach was just in sight
i said what the h-ll were you doing in santa ana
something just wasn’t right
he said there’s this mommy there
with long flowing auburn hair
and a blond streak down the left side
he talked some other biz
and i knew my girl was his
check you later dog thanks for the ride

well this girl of ours
her name was adriana
would mess up a friendship that’s tight
i met her through my friend susana
who called me the very next night
she said i swear it’s true what i’m about to drop on you
your little girlfriends got a scandalous habit
a sorted tale is this about where she likes to p-ss
and at jeff’s house she revealed it
while he poured himself a drink and i p-ssed in his bathroom sink
even though the air of romance wafted inside
well the old sink didn’t hold and the girl got knocked out cold
got to go now the ambulance has arrived

oooohhh, adriana
oh no, no no
oooohhh, santa ana