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lirik lagu bargain music – family tree


sit down young grandson come close so i don’t yell
now that i’m on my deathbed there’s a story i gotta tell
about a beautiful young girl 19 years old
for 51 winters her body’s been cold

i met her in september and i married her in may
a perfect christian couple is what grandma used to say
you know we loved jesus and we thanked him everyday
i thanked him for my lady and our little boy clay

now colton was a bitter man he loved my lady too
i told him he should move along there’s nothing to pursue
he smiled and he said you’re right there’s nothing left to say
then my little boy and his ma disappeared the next day

colton wrote me a letter he said you should forget her
your kind of man don’t deserve her love
should have seen your boy cry as he watched his mama die
at least your boy didn’t cry long

so i yelled up to jesus what the h-ll do i do
for you to let this happen i’m not through with you
so i searched through the mountains i went to every home
one night in some cabin i found colton alone

the dim moonlight was on my side
for i didn’t get noticed as i broke inside
as i pulled out my knife i thought of my boy and my wife
and whispered their names as i took his life

so there you go grandson that’s your family tree
a grandma and an uncle you will never get to see
realize that them dying allowed you to live
and the moral of this story is don’t forget and forgive
always remember don’t forget and don’t forgive