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lirik lagu backseat goodbye – just one note please


the streets are wet.
the sky is leaking.
got 26 miles to home.
and me i’m thinking.
about the blue behind these dark grey clouds.
and how you used to say my name out loud.
but now you’re all grown up and you’ve got somewhere else to be.
you’d play piano.
while i’d rest my eyes.
when you got worried.
i’d sing you jackson 5.
’cause it was simple.
and you liked the melody.
now i’m sitting in this dusty apartment.
wishing someone would play some piano for me.
sometimes i wonder if you.
do you still let me sing to you through your radio?
with that record i made for you a few years ago…
does it still make you smile?
does it still make you wish you were alive?
’cause i know you died the day i said goodbye.
why did i say goodbye? i would have never learned the word.
if i would have known this is what it feels like to want to die.
the sun’s shining now.
and i’m just walking down broad street.
doing my best not to step on the cracks.
’cause i don’t want my mom to get hurt because of me.
i’ve already lied enough.
so now i’m thinking about tomorrow.
and how it’s really not worth it if it’s not on purpose.
and i stop and smile ’cause i’m.
lying to myself again.
just a kid with too many tshirts and a best friend named justin .
yeah we talk a lot of sh-t.
and we can plan a few ben folds songs on our keyboards,
but we’re not that great, so that’s pretty much it.
we sing along to brand new songs, like “soco armiretto lime”.
and another i don’t know the name, but i’m pretty sure it’s track 5.
i don’t need nothing, i’m quite alright.
i don’t need nothing else, i’m quite alright.
we don’t need nothing, we’re quite alright.
we don’t need nothing else, we’re quite alright