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lirik lagu backseat goodbye – curtain call


god came down in the middle of the day
a kid with a camera caught it all on tape
everyone was clapping, singing songs of glory and praise
they didn’t seem to notice wires hanging from the clouds
the lights were too bright but they made it worth while
’cause it was kinda like a movie where the curtain call raises the crowd
lightning bolts fell like rain from above
but they were just effects so no one got hurt
it’s funny just to think that maybe, just maybe we’re all wrong
so you can read your books and i’ll question all the words
i’m not saying you’re a liar but the proof is no good
for me, maybe i’m just too naive.
but at least i’ll admit i’m flawed
yeah i’ve a pointed a finger or pushed off the blame
but the reasons that you’re breathing they just ain’t the same as you say
you can’t pray for truth with those lies in your hands
i love you
but you’re afraid of saying that back
just because i don’t believe in all the same fairytales as you
doesn’t mean i’m so bad
the future’s all you have if you forget the past
so why not forgive and make the memories last
it’s not up to me or a bible tale
you’re the one that moves your feet
so you can follow any path, roadsign or white lie
stumble forward, fall in love, chase the clouds, close your eyes
anything anyway you want, just don’t let me
or a book someone else wrote make up your mind
you can’t pray for truth with a lie in your hand
you don’t need a miracle to save a life
you’ll never be able to relive yesterday
so go ahead and enjoy today while you can