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lirik lagu babygirl330 – never trust


never trust a n—- before
no n—- was ever loyal
told me they love me
and crumble my heart like foil
played the game twice before but the s—- ain’t feel right
everyday i feel like giving up
n—– played me from left to right
always thought to myself what is the point of life
sacrafised s— for something out of spite
left me for another b—- like what was her price

i was told alot of s—
told me i was his main b—-
but turns around and has another b—- on his d—
told her the same s— he told me
“im the only one he wanna be wit”

i never went though so much pain
have my n—- smiling in my face then go play me out my game
tell me im his only one
and the tells other b—- the same