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lirik lagu babyfxce e – big drice


(big drice on the beat, yeah)
what up, big drice?
it’s with an x, n~gga

yeah, what’s up, big drice?
oh, you want a h~llcat? give me six g’s
covid mask, hit him with nineteen and put him six feet
i don’t think that’s a crime, i’m social distancing
i ain’t choose to be a rapper, this sh~t was meant for me
i don’t like to cheat on b~tches, but i have tendencies
i would’ve been had a million if i had ten of me
n~gga, you’ll never catch me dangling if i got enemies
but i ain’t even worried ’cause them n~ggas soft as h~ll
i need a grown b~tch, these young hoes childish as h~ll
middlemanning all them d~mn plays, i was malcolm as h~ll
kel~tec sing and fold up, i call this b~tch adele
that’s the singer and the laptop
they pulled me over and took the stinger out the stash spot
n~ggas been saying they was gon’ get me, but perhaps not
fmjs, tryna hit two birds in one glock (oh my god)
i mean two birds in one stone, n~gga
ain’t making money off that b~tch, then why you got a phone, n~gga?
grab her neck and beat it from the back, i made her moan different
i been in the mud since i was seed, i was grown different (n~gga, what?)
i’m tripping, i meant that i was raised different
if it’s my opp, then i’ll pop his ass, don’t need to pay n~ggas (okay)
paranoid, think my phone tapped, i’m finna page n~ggas
draco with the wood on it, this b~tch blaze n~ggas
yeah, put a n~gga in a toaster
k give his ass all he can eat like ponderosa
make a wrong move, ice his ass like anna and elsa
fredo got like 5k in giffies in flights for delta
you n~ggas just now getting a fully? we done had that
hit two ducks in the t~~th, now they need aflac
her titties sit up right, but her booty look like trash bag
he wasn’t on time for sh~t, but that don’t mean i had a bad dad
i take care of my family, but my mama like the hashtag
hah, you get it? ’cause i put her first
she don’t like taking money from me, so i put it in her purse
seen a n~gga drink a four of lean, then slammed it with a perc’
f~ck her in designer, dumb b~tch done squirted on my shirt
my fanbase crazy, i’m tappin’ in members from the church
i can’t get caught with this bl!ck again, put it in your skirt
are we money getting n~ggas? say it in reverse
n~gga, i bet that sh~t answer your question
if me and gang stack our money up, look like number eleven
try to rob us, pull this b~tch from deep like number eleven
if we crash into y’all city, y’all ain’t gon’ do sh~t but call 9~11
(ayo, drice)
(run that sh~t back)