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lirik lagu baby bonnie – june


my momma born in june
october child writings
handle heavy times
& you gon’ see
the better side of things
this bitter bite of earth
tuck myself in hiding
step into each day
with a bit less of enlightening

high as a kite again
the dark stay warm
& i swear that i ain’t
never met a kinder friend
that kind of light
you only see at the end
this tunnel vision got a niche
to channel wars in my pen
the pockets still sittin’
on they emptiest
plenty ‘piff keepin
upstairs at it’s healthiest
heart feel like it’s
begging for an oil change
i’m late & faded
’cause i always
gotta’ spoil things
no rest, my eyes bloodshot red
my jaw ache ’cause
i hung a piano over my bed
i got some breathing techniques
& then better ways to go about it
head first ’cause there ain’t no way
to go around it

black sheep
sleep the cousin of death
& i’ma cut it deep
if it’s gon’ get me the bread
you folding sheets all day
just to lay in that bed
i open 6 texts
6 texts left on read

we always pullin’
on the best
so that’s bound to
get the best of me
& they got boxes
of my memories that rest in peace
this heat kept within my chest
go beyond degrees
& this flow go harder
than a sponsor me
tape up in that leaf
it get you stuck like a thumb tack
no, this the tape
that got you smoking with a dunce cap
the smoke ain’t free
it’s h-lla cheap & you can trust that
yo’ main lady let me put my fingers where her tongue at