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lirik lagu baby bash – body moves slow


“body moves slow”
(feat. krizz kaliko, paul wall)

[krizz kaliko (slowed down)]
i like to watch her move slow…


[chorus: krizz kaliko {krizz kaliko slowed down}]
i like to watch her move slow (uh oh)
don’t move it too fast, take it slow
i like to watch her move slow {slow}
slow like siz-erp, but like the way you wiz-erp
wiz-wiz-wiz-wiz-wiz, i like to watch her move slow (she is)
she make it move just my speed
{i like to watch her move slow}
but don’t stop
make the body rock
rock-rock-rock, rock

[verse 1: paul wall {paul wall slowed down}]
peep game, that girl movin’ like baked bread
neck row turned ring row, great head
skin tone seems smoother than a water stone
don’t move, girl, let-let me grab my camera phone
talk to me, baby, you ain’t got no man yet
weekend in the bahamas, you got plans yet
i’ll tell you anythang if i could see that coochie rang
lay-lay it down like ballin g {up on that california cage}
i like to watch her move her body like a rattlesnake
-ss vibrate the room like an earthquake
slow-slow motion, her body screwed up
it must be some purple in the cup
cause she movin’ so slow {slow, slow}

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2: baby bash {baby bash slowed down}]
i kept sippin’ on jemima, sippin’ on that mol-sses
see how big that -ss is, i’m higher than {giraffe t-ts}
i’m-i’m just checkin’ out my draft picks, -ss is mad sh-t
can slow mo through {3d with no gl-sses}
slower than a turtle, a tortoise, harder than rigor mortis {no}
is there none before us, i’m a libra, she a-she a taurus
grind it out, baby, feed me
then can call your rear phone, girl, let’s have a threeway
i’m-i’m into foreplay, we can do it your way
just grease your body down, girl, oil of olay
{so} tell me how you pop that p, win it like a lottery
in and out like a robbery {baby-baby, get on top of me}

[pre-verse: krizz kaliko]
i like the way she move slow, baby making me hot
call me usher, she got me like “oh my god!” (kali, baby)
i like the way you do that thang
slow it down, baby, i ain’t going nowhere

[verse 3: krizz kaliko]
too fast, baby, slow it (slow it)
i need the t for it (for it)
you the baddest chick in here, and everybody know it (okay)
let me see you move it like you got it stuck, a new trick different the one i’ve been used to
get you over the hotel balcony, rip out the (??)
she movin’ sluggish like a snail do
bringin’ out the beast in me, i’m a mess up your hairdo
pour me somethin’ sur-pic, when we finished, don’t desert me
i might want some more of your sippin’, you’re like a slurpee
do it slow (do it slow…)

[repeat chorus]

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