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lirik lagu b-lo – king k. rool vs king hippo


[verse 1: king k. rool]

so this guys a king? a burger king maybe
would’ve made a mcdonalds joke but a mac left you aching
making me believe you’re royalty is something i can’t fathom
i’m battling a guy who can’t even keep his pants up!
i know what it’s like to box
this will be your 12th loss
i have fought against the kongs
kremlings know that i’m the boss
you wanna rumble in the jungle? i will put you in your place
since you eat so much, have a cannonball to your face
if you had a nose, it’d be broken for sure
i’ll land the hardest jabs that your tummy won’t endure
you’ll be sick to your stomach, you’ll hack up what you last ate
your whereabouts will be unknown, just like your hеight and weight
[verse 2: king hippo]

what a croc, no wonder you’re no longеr in the games
and instead they made tikis and walruses take your place
you don’t have the strength to leave me defeated
why’s this guy stealing bananas when his kind doesn’t eat it?
i’ll punch you so hard til your other eye is swollen and in comparison, glass joe will look less broken
you got split personalities? cause you’ve been swapping lives
went from king to blackbeard to dr. frankenstein
just look at the facts about the species mate
hippo is an animal that’s dangerous to aggravate
so let’s see what you got against me in this title bout
and then we’ll see who deserves to keep their crown

[verse 3: king k. rool]

defence takes more than a belly full of blubber
my gut is solid gold, no need for a manhole cover
maybe you would win this round if you wore some suspenders
i’ll leave this blob retired, back to selling blenders
one fact i know, hippo brains are minuscule
when this croc rocks the mic, you know king k. rules
if you’re getting thirsty, i could give you some punch
imma be taking you out, and i don’t mean out to lunch

[verse 4: king hippo]
you see yourself as video game royalty
but this king will always fall under bowser and dedede
meanwhile, i will always be the king of the ring
so when you’re in with me, you won’t hear the bell ding
18 kos, that’s how many fights i’ve won
you hit a new low when 2 kids could take you on
now i just landed the smack down on this scaly dictator
i just knocked your ass out, see you later alligator