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lirik lagu âz & hâz – time


[intro: âz]
(spicy water)

[verse: âz]
went from the floor to the queen (ayee)
now we just tryna make lean (yuh)
im so f-cking tired
my meds feel expired
but really b-tch thats how i been (ay)
now you really been repping
it’s just the way you been dressing (uh)
red and green gucci stripes you investing
and selling and stepping on turfs
where you really fake flexing (ayee)
now you wasting yo time b-tch
now you outta yo mind b-tch
now you tryna confide in
all these fake people finna
wear yo chains, bape, ‘preme and deadstock sh-t
please your f-cking brain ya dumb b-tch
now you tryna get this fix
now you tryna f-ckin snitch
now i’m taking time in

[chorus: hâz]
i really dont care bout my skin
you look like you came out a bin
i know that my life is a sin
b-tch now im just finna get in
you know that i take all the wins
you know that thats just how i been
but now im just takin time in b-tch
but now im just takin time in