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lirik lagu asher roth – la di da


yeah, i wrote a song and it go a little something like this

[verse 1]
they say its a cold world, yeah you got that right
i almost packed it all in on the spot last night
they want a killer instinct and i’m just that type
but if the fights not mine, i wont fight that fight
life without struggling, yeah right
make one mistake, won’t make that twice
out of sight out of mind, find yourself out of time
buy your own pants, get your hands out of mine
an advance ain’t a promise you will make it
there’s work to be done, you must grind to shine
every second is a blessing, yes it is precious
suggest you get off instant message
the aggression when your finding your direction
then heading non stop just to find that the road is blocked
you wanna pop, flip your lid and stomp
but settle down and work it out,
its really all you’ve got, so i tell em

when i cant take it, i cant take it no more
this is what i say
la di da da da, la di da da da, over
when you cant take it, when you cant take it no more
this is what you say,
la di da da da, la di da da da over

[verse 2]
and yeah i’m frustrated, f-ck this, what’s this, how much
who what, where when, why man, how come
so many questions unanswered, i don’t understand
could you please explain sir
i’m in a phase, i believe i can change
in exchange for an explanation, estimation, hesitation
is it as visible dealing with digital?
fidgeting through e-mail when the issue is pivotal
critical condition, my heads in
i’m heading in the wrong direction
book me a session, let it off my chest
ill invest in a (cannon)
just so i can blow with my flow as my right hand man
van dam -ss kickin’ with ash spittin’
i’m that different just ask jigga (ask jigga)
he listened and witnessed the birth of a star
emerging and surging his way up to the top of the charts, now sing along


when i’m trying to come up, they wanna bring me down [x4]
when you trying to come up. they wanna bring you down [x4]
all the kids sing along