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lirik lagu asbo slipz - no sympathy


you bring your pain to me
and you expect me to have sympathy
for all the little things you’ve done

you bring this tale to me, you tell me
i was in the park on my skateboard

and i fell, and i hurt my knees
and my elbows as well
such a sad tale to tell
and you expect me to be
full of sympathy, well
i ran out of that yesterday
grow up
you’re too old for this sh~t

you bring your pain to me
tell me tales of misery
how you hurt your elbows and your knees
well you should have been wearing
the appropriate protective personal equipment
in my opinion
you’ve brought this on yourself

and what do you expect me to do now ~ really?
what the h~ll can i do to make this right?
nothing, nothing, there is
nothing i can do to make this right, so just
have another pint and get over it
i think that’s for the best

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