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lirik lagu asa jake – hi token


god on speed dial devil on rebound
i’ve always figured that token is better than these clowns
so what other way to show it than wreck all his beats now?
i’m repping the fleece we better than every team out
pen isn’t needed i’m k!lling them with a freestyle
tentacles; we really bout to threaten with ink now
hit em with speed
hopsin gonna f with the scheme now getting the cleaver
then ima head to that chicks house
or was it a switchbladе? my mistake
i may have missed it if thеy get distasteful
i’ll give hate with haste them
waste then like they were sh~tfaced
give bars like state pen with sh~t my pen state
in case you missed it my lyrics
kinda lyrical miracle sh~t but i hit them with venom
eminem mimicking is imminent with this kid
i got god on speed dial devil on rebound
take a lil seat now

man no, i ain’t sat bro ima stand so fans know
that i can go in im at throats
that’s no adam’s apple got a gat though
poppin em and then i laugh so that’s a dad joke
that flow kinda mad old
so i’ll switch talkin trash so
i’ll have my chrome blow to bits
any assh0l~ then i will boast
going, “it’s just a prank bro”
like i was soflo, then dip
if nerds wanna test ensure you’re correct
i’m inserting the lead in circles and then
i’m gonna burn you unless
you’re gonna assert kids surely the best
words put em in dirt, it’s permanent rest
you gonna be injured and you’re enduring a threat
and i’m gonna ensure by the end you’re in a mess worse than flirting with death
gotta be a monster like marshall on godzilla. squandering any squadron that wanna spar with ‘em
living in squalor because you not gonna ball but i’m logic when ima draw, i gotta be harming em
bustin like a semi~automatic. anybody can have it
lyrical content is gone, but i’m not really bothered
cuz all my songs better than em already, i don’t even gotta try, i can just be all silly i’m sinking in my t~~th
see that i’m vegan the way i’m eating through the beats/beets
if you seeking an mc to give bars in verses
call it charlie work bro leave that sh~t to me
all you guys walking but we running the streets
i could nod off and still beat you while i dream
i shoot for the fame like tooth fairy came
cuz my minds on money even when i sleep

i doubt no one’ll download any album
you put out though they all sound old don’t have clout
no style and you don’t sell out shows
no one else knows bout you but me? im well~known
can’t go to my house cuz i wanna be a household name, guys
but my crew got hands call it gang signs i’m finna be seeing you
even though i’m way blind watch who you speaking to
like we be on that facetime y’all won’t be stepping to this dude
my armour be prepped with a missile
a bomb, at least 21 pistols
in harmony, everything hit you better go get you medical help
them physical health, professionals fail to assist you
or deal with your issues i’ll send you to h~ll
you ain’t gonna save rap, fool
you so weak you break when you face bad news
whenever i see your face, bad news
i’m sorry i have to break it, your face bad news ima swing bats
and if you evade that, cool
i’ll bring gats and aim that
take that, ooh screaming acab
cuz they back blue it’s written all over his face
got “hog” as a face tattoo , motherf~cker
now i can murk dentures
i’ll tempt your miniature tempter
get you triggered
administer a sick verse
taking names when i’m scribblin words; signatures
i got sh~t coming, i won’t give it away and that is that
i won’t let the cat out the bag get it?
i’m packing gats in other words this cat is strapped
don’t compare me to the rappity~rap cuz i can rap it fast
but i can slow it down or rap it backwards, man
y’all dumb thinking they better
i’m more clever than all enemies who want war
who want war? enemies i’ll then cleaver more
i’m better they thinking dumb, y’all
now that i gave you the proof
raising the roof is what i’m able to do
aiming to shoot and be disabling you
abel is you and i’m cane, you are through
goat in sheep’s clothing
ain’t expecting the way that we move
why you think golden fleece (goat in fleece)
the name of my crew?