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lirik lagu arkh zeus – diva de los muertos


tú eres la muerte de mí, diva de los muertos

she’s staring up at me and tryna plot again
she thinks i’ll be the next one that she’s burning with
but i will resist, no i can’t resist
the temptation, i can’t phase it, she’s pulling me in
and i ain’t even scared though
she sees the devil in me, i’m like “where though?”
you’re just looking at yourself, you see a d-mn crow
diva de los muertos, diva de los muertos

[verse 1]
she said: know it’s just like that
try to get rid of me? i’ma come right back
while i’m here just love me baby, don’t fight back
make me numb, make me c-m, you know i’ma bite back
better not being trying to escape me, know that isn’t well for your safety
speaking of that, you better be giving me these shots with no safety
to paradise papi take me, hold me let me taste thee
(ay, que rico) me haces sentir a lot less evil
still gon have you here under mi hechizo
we’re not done, quiero más, ready for the sequel
just a couple more strokes, just a little bit more loving
dámelo, you know i want it
hold you tight while we’re both c-mming
while i drag us both back into the dungeon


[verse 2]
pero, don’t i got a say in this?
perdon, i’ve been sinning with a satanist
although i just really had to take the risk
let go, reattach, now i’m vacant in
your body, i’m addicted probably
don’t care if you scar me while you’re putting it on me
don’t need no army, all i need is you mami
so take it all please and don’t say sorry
fall for your tricks, could never get enough of it
swear i’m off the sh-ts cause i would never trust a b-tch
but i must admit, your energy’s so comforting
even if it is just all for your coven and i know your roll in this
thinking i’m slow and sh-t, we’re both way too bold for this
you’re slowly reopening, the diva de los muertos taking my soul again