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lirik lagu antagonist a d – twelve twenty two


as innocent life is born.
behind locked foors and concrete walls.
it’s injected with poisons.
eyes melt, skin burns.
it cries and it bleeds.
until finally, finally it breaks.
i can feel the misery,
i can feel the cold in your heart
no comp-ssion, no love.
you’re stunning, you’re beautiful
you would kill for attention
what will it take to cure your apathy?
500 deaths a day for your beauty.
where is the science?
there is no benefit,
only fraud and m-ss murder.
it’s blood is statistics,
but smells of burning flesh.
just a haze of blood and sh-t.
i will stop at nothing to make this right.
got to find a way to set this world free.
to set their world free.