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lirik lagu antagonist a d – the walking dead


i watched myself dying.
choking on this pathetic consumer… death.
my eyes are burnt.
my tongue is cut.
and i am lying in a pool of my own blood.
coloured black from this parasitic poising.
coloured black because i hate myself.
and i just opened my eyes.
to see i’m sitting still in darkness.
this world is sh-t.
this world is not mine.
and i can’t rise above this filth.
dragged back down.
knee deep in sh-t i’m drowning.
choking on this pathetic consumer wasteland.
and i’m buying.
i bought it all.
i bought my freedom for $9.95.
and i don’t feel a thing.
i don’t feel anything anymore…
are you searching for something?
never feeling quite complete…
no one knows what they want.
who they are or where they are going.
because there is no answer.
we’re already dead