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lirik lagu angela  brown – give me your hand


give me your hand
show me how much you meant to
prove to me my love is worth romance
promise me that the memories will never change
promise you won’t ever go away
it’s so hard to trust someone
i hardly know
it’s so hard to adjust my life
to be in love with you
give me your hand
show me where i can
you say you believe in me
but i don’t understand
why i can feel romance
when i’m confused about who i am
if i found the love
i followed my heart
why am i to blame for the way
i got caught up with my heart
i was not your first
i wanted you to know
if this is not a game
i hope you feel the love
my heart pours down
in the rain
to have you in my life
tell me what you want
it’s so hard to find a love
it’s so hard to find someone
that is as kind as you
your the only one i have
i will never turn back
you’ve shown me how much you care
if you listen to my heartbeat
the sound of a drumbeats
pounding deeply pouring rain
tell me you can feel it too
if i’m not alone in this relationship
ill never forget the memories
of how you touched my heart
how you touched my heart
i just don’t understand
why i feel this way
i’m sorry
but you don’t have to see me cry
falling in love is the best thing
that ever happened in my life