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lirik lagu andy farhat – top notch


hustle everyday, i’ve been on my way (woo, woo)
meet me by the bay, baby don’t be late (what you doin’ ?)
b~tch i’m back in town, i’m about to play (let’s do it)
pop another bottle, i’mma celebrate
can’t bring me down, no not today

you’re saying my music is whack, but it got me finessing
got your girlfriend in my room, that b~tch is undressing

i don’t know what i believe in
i said i don’t know what i’m believing

i’m under immunity, this is a gated community (yeah)
this ain’t new to me, she was like “what’d you do to me?” yeah
had a good day smoking a j, i’m feeling top notch
she be a freak high everyday, we f~ck on my watch

i’mma go tip toe with a side b~tch in a forеign (skrrt)
living a lifestyle wherе i stay nothing but scoring (yeah)
sitting in a g5 with the ac on mi amor and
i’ll be on top while it’s pouring, try and catch me while i’m touring

yeah indict me, she doing sh~t to spite me yeah
she just bite me, lately she tryna excite me yeah
she a freak in the sheets (woo, woo)
she been feeling them beats, yeah
she been grabbing my pants and screaming so loud “habibti please”
bottles and models are scattered all over the floor, yeah
always chase a bag don’t think about a hoe, yeah
way too many people calling up my phone (yeah)
where were you when i was no one before?


man this is funny, your girl my honey
got her ass bouncing like she was my bunny
this ain’t new money, you can’t outrun me
she doing shots right out of my tummy, yeah


while walking through life i am always finessing (please help me lord)
spending my days counting all of my blessings

yeah i’m counting my blessings
i’m counting my blessings, yeah
i’m counting my blessings, counting my blessings
i’m counting my blessings, i’m counting my blessings
yeah i’m counting my blessings, counting my blessings