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lirik lagu andy billington – wednesday night


wednesday night, it’s the end of the world
with all the things, we left unheard
we could see it out, from way up on high
for old times sake, just you and i.

don’t you know, i love you a lot
and don’t you know, it’s not enough
’cause all your life, you’ve been running away
from all the ones, you want to stay.

so when it comes, don’t be afraid
’cause we all lived a lifetime, in today
and as the lights, flash in the sky
can there be more, than this goodbye.

if you want to be together
this world won’t be here forever.

thursday comes, its starting again
but this time it’s, with no regrets
we could see it through, and give love a chance
just you and i, and our romance.

’cause when love comes, don’t give it up
’cause it’s all we’ve got, to show for us
and as the sun, comes up again
our world has found, a way to mend.