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lirik lagu andre nickatina – coka cola


im like some coca-cola
better yet a motorola
man time is gettin shorter
or should i say like colda
man cats is gettin bolder
from moving banking soda
man bullets dance like clubs on them hot corners
i kick it live and wicked
like a winning lotto ticket
man hide your money
hide your dope
and hide your ruler biscuit
it’s like so devestated
the way i stay so jaded
so keep your clorox when you see me ’cause i cant be faded
its about that scrilla mail
some suckas bite they nails
’cause they just sold their soul like a crack sale
all outta black mail
all in them packed jails
until you get there man you think its like a ghost tale
but check it out i see ya
but wouldnt wanna be ya
’cause even all in korea
they know nickatina
man i could be your neighbor
your favorite icecream flavour
your city county mayor
alaskin polar bear
a maserati that halts the freeway
in a majorway
man get at me today yo! so!
i sw-ng like peter parker
i walk like johnny walker
some cats they welcome back man
like i was mister carter
i dress like darth vader
snap back like alligator
8 packs of nowandlaters
well call like auto traders
love doin my motha favors
talk sh-t with major players
stay away from sp-ce invador c-ck blockin playa haters
i stay in good season
no matter what the reason
and i be screaming at demons until i aint breathin
n yo i aint leaving
until i get minez
so crack a 40 for urself because we got time
i keep the speakers b-mpin
i keep ya ride slumpin
ya future looks bright so freak why you here frontin
j-panese they serve me saki
it make me feel like c-cky
remonis dont need 40 when he raps on carlos rossy
im not a carbon copy
nothin ever really shocks me
man im a skinny cat
man im not big and stocky
i lace your mindthought
like im your underboss
a loanshark that makes bets that can choke the cause
i ride it rocky yall
like kawasaki yall
flew through these streets
like a snake
until they stopped me yall