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lirik lagu anberlin – god, drugs & sex


(feat. christie dupree)

a grand blank look on your face
when you learned it was over
do you ever question why
what could have been different
we were so comfortable living in each others skin
meanwhile i was dying from within
cause god, drugs, and s-x don’t mean a thing
to you now do they now baby
i don’t mean a thing
by it now do i now sweetheart
you should have thought about then for now
but i had to leave
tell me where did you learn to love
maybe i don’t want to know
tell me when did your hands grow cold
it might tell me something
if you could go back to yesterday
would you change it all for me
if you thought we could be together
let go, let go of me now
i’m not here
let go, let go of me now
’cause i’m already gone