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lirik lagu among the torrent – ropes of time


seconds escape to the end of his journey
short dance several feet off the ground
shuffling towards the burn of a rope

admission of guilt sparking rage from the crowd

transported to the borderline
between the known and imagined
extracted by the ropes of time
the future has been casted

welcomed into a spectrum
polar opposite from the past
gazed his eyes on broadest illusions
a protest in his belief
forced into accepting the theory
a new world to scrutinize
the veil is lifted, a kiss of light to his eyes

enraged by advancements
senses far from adapted
overwhelmed by foreign sensations
the theory of it all proves to be too vast

lost in dual realities, no measurement of time

regardless of the evolution
some things never change
in justice seek validation
abide by human law
the essence of
realized moral belief

if consequences are to be avoided
common sense is to be applied
some things will never change

the rope inherits a strange innocence
lost in dual reality, no measurement of time