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lirik lagu allison crutchfield – mile away


you walk up to me, contentious
and permit me to finish talking
i’m distracted by your presence
you scream over every sentence
you were standing too close

the upper hand in your apartment
supremacy in a leaking faucet
sadness botches your intentions
and your prized radical opinions
you -ssume you understand because your voice is the loudest
while you borrow our reality, you just can’t help it

the worst part is that you don’t get it
i’m not afraid of you just because i act interested
self-congratulatory mess
yeah, you keep sleeping good at night
’cause you’re inherently right

understand why she avoids you
you’re acquaintances on a loaded train
you were spared rejection and it’s a dangerous thing
so you wake up confident every single day
you retire your own decency, you exonerate
and you’re blaring nebraska while she tortures you from a mile away, mile away