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lirik lagu allan sherman – sex is better


there is a revolution
it’s not the russian revolution
this revolution
is not the spanish revolution or the french revolution
but it’s just as great
this revolution
they call the s~x revolution
and i showed up 20 years too late

reading books is nice
tried it once or twice
but, take my advice:
s~x is better
used to watch tv
almost constantly
then it dawned on me
s~x is better

s~x is better than
playing kick the can
eating raisin bran
or modelling clay

s~x can be the perfect hobby
please don’t try it in the lobby
s~x is nice but twice [?]
if [?] you’ve got arthritis

s~x is good, there’s nothing to it
any little kid can do it
(and they’re doing it much more often than they did when i was a kid their age)

fiddler on the roof
leaves me quite aloof
i have legal proof
s~x is better

show and olden days
rape’s the highest praise
i know 30 ways
(wait, what? oh, yeah, that’s a [?] one)
s~x is better
scrabble games are fine
bring you joy divine
i am using mine
for kindling wood

s~x can make you feel euphoric
in the closet or the warwick
s~x is something you can practice
any place but on a cactus

no one would be here without it
and the nicest thing without it
even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good