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lirik lagu alkaloid – shades of shub-niggurath


the cornucopia of incarnation
blindly, on and on it blunders
nurtured through disease and stagnation
then by decease is torn asunder

no more than an eldritch godhead’s toy
since first it squirmed from barren rock
under the eyes of the night
the watching mi~go

sp~wned through gaseous ooze
in a young protostar’s sickly glow

spores took flight
as ethereal clouds diffused
along filaments
connecting planet embryos
the firmament
primed now for life’s slow thunder

oblivious, the eons pass
the void has severed the baryon oases
where the spores amass
to sentient primordial slime

deep inside, the fungi hide
nudging young procaryotes from their stasis
a black molasse
patiently biding its time
shades of shub~n~ggurath
eating death
forever spurring life
shades of shub~n~ggurath
anatomy flowing free
from rotting sludge
a symphony of flesh shall rise

from the debris of perished life forms
mycelium weaves a hive that storms unseen
devouring worlds

mother of all
arcane abyss that bears the gods
and all that crawls, grows and dies
under the sun

till it comes undone
for i am thanatheros

slaves of shub~n~ggurath
feeding death forever
and dreaming life
slaves of shub~n~ggurath
infinitely in reverie
of the womb that bore them
they cannot see
cruelty or mercy?

engraved on charon’s tortured crust
the sigils around the universe resound:

ia! shub~n~ggurath!
ia! shub~n~ggurath!
praise the source
ia! shub~n~ggurath!
from pluto’s tholin wastes
atra! shub~n~ggurath!
to venus’ blistering h~lls
ia! shub~n~ggurath!
no life without you
atra! shub~n~ggurath!

outside the inane flash
of myriad birth chasing death
my kingdom reigns supreme

dead, putrid eyes
fetid rotting limbs
discarded sh~lls
bones and cells
all absorbed
into my flesh hovering in the skies
all returns
to my ageless, timeless dream

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