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lirik lagu alexandrya hall – rejected


[verse 1] (alexandrya)

stars shine out
but don’t talk too loud
we made mistakes
but never forgave ourselves
when we stand up
we normally fall down again
i’m never happy
when i’m being myself
they all
don’t like the way i talk
they all
think that i’m a mess up
but i stand up
and i stand strong
but they push me down somehow
i’m an open book
but they tore out my pages
no one ever notices
i’ve been alone for ages
rejection from this word
thoughts in my head
running out wild
i started over again
have you ever thought
about me leaving
bet you never did
i don’t fit in
no one notices
but it’s ok
im ok
you won’t see this face
for another day

[verse 2 dravin]
u won’t see this face
not one more day
not one more second
u will never see this face
i don’t fit in
(don’t fit in)
probably never will
thinking about leaving
just jumping off the cliff
ant like jiffy gonna save me
cuz hes not
no one care’s
no one care’s about ous
were reject’s
not fit for society
never been accepted
only rejected
like a package
they send ous. back
this world is cold
get made fun of every day
cuz were different
cuz were strange
got all these hatters on ous
they be rushing ous
they keep pushing ous down
‘pushed into the bush
the gutter
that’s were we belong
we don’t fit
we don’t belong
were rejects
allways getting rejected

[verse 3] (foreignblood)
i’ve always been rejected
that’s probably better than to be overly protected
i feel a little bit like a protector
a little like gru going to take on hector
these lyrics are my nectar
“rap’s murdered! who k!lled her?!”
y’all better go and flee
so many of the people who listen to rap
don’t even know what it’s like to need
i’ve talked to prost-tutes who are used
their bodies on a daily basis abused
we’re so fast to get offended over false, petty things
and then ignore the truth
i’m sick of rappers talking of how they “effed a girl this week”
they use their position of influence to abuse the weak
your raps annoy me
get outta the way
i’m about to go on a crazy k!lling spree!

soy una mezcla de etnicidades
por esa razón veo mejor las atrocidades
cometidos al dia a dia
actuando como todo estuviera bien es un f-rs-!
chicas y chicos abusados
no se mete la gente con los malos
no quieren confrontarlos
estoy harto de la cobardía
pasan a una chica sin hogar cada dia
y les vale verga que esté fría?!

yeah i got a mix of views
my style of rap you’ve never used
you’ve rejected me from your inner circle?
that’s fine, i’ll be the outsider
you’ve rejected from your circle?
it’s okay, i’m out on purpose
you making me the outsider?
it’s okay, i’ve already chosen to be the divider