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lirik lagu alex chilton – thank you john


[verse 1]
come in, baby
who did you fool tonight?
was it my friend john?
he thinks you’re out of sight

[verse 2]
i know that you’ve been bawlin’
you’re as high as you can be
but i knew baby
you’d come home to willie tee
she was just teasin’ you

[verse 3]
what did he say?
when you told him you were goin’ home?
i know he wanted to handle you
i could tell by the bruises on your arm
i told him once he was a shuck-time stud
if he tries this again
he’s gonna shed some blood
it’s gonna be alright

[verse 4]
now i don’t blame you, baby
for trying to swell his head
’cause after all, baby
he’s giving us his bread
now it’s alright for you to stay out all night
but when he spreads that bread
make sure he spreads it right
it’s gonna be alright

[verse 5]
i wanna thank you, john
for bein’ a good time come
you done proved yourself to me
you’re as jive as you can be

[verse 6]
now it’s alright for you to keep her out all night long
but when she leaves you alone
send your paycheck home
it’s gonna be alright

[verse 7]
oh, thank you, john
you been a boss time come
you ain’t nothin’ but a jive
showtime, monkey town stud
you lollipop
you sucker, john
the olive man
you thought you were raisin’ sand, hey