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lirik lagu alanmichael – vanity


here i go
tic tac toe b-tch
pick your jaw up off the floor
let me talk my sh-t
now you know
i be that n-gg-

(verse 1)
n-gg-s hated me since kindergarten
nothings changed
i be on that new wave, on that new sh-t
i ain’t gotta prove sh-t
go against me and you’ll lose it
ripping this sh-t into two
sit back and watch me make a move
new kid on the block coming through
now tell me what you wanna do

now i’m too petty for the party but f-ck it, i’m here

(verse 2)
i’m the unconventional
inventional, exceptional
entrancing you with the spectacle
ascendable, commendable
switching up the flow, kicking in the door
n-gg-s stay jealous
you pressed cause i’m better
you know you could never
came up in this b-tch with vendettas
i’ll send you this l like a letter
too legit to quit, yeah i’m clever
i’m a cut throat n-gg-
knock you clean out your frame
don’t stunt for these n-gg-s
my fabrics cost change
mind on my business
i stay in my lane
i came to f-ck it up
while you stay the same
hold up wait a minute
no i ain’t done yet
watch me finesse this sh-t like s-x
watch me bring you to your knees
stay blessed
acknowledge my name they say “who’s next?”

now i’m too petty for the party but f-ck it, i’m here

(verse 3)
we starting a movement
i’m chilin’ and coolin’
said i couldn’t do it
i’m showing and provin’

(verse 4)
stop pause wait a minute let me bring it back
i ain’t spitting bullsh-t im just spitting facts
i posses all the things that you n-gg-s lack
i’m just putting back the pieces tryna fix the cracks
ready to attack
time to reformat
pitch it to the bat
get your thinking caps
i can never slack
i’m just tryna stack
run it like its track
you can’t piggy back it’s over it’s a wrap