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lirik lagu aj tracey – remedy


listen, look
i’m reptar but these n~ggas all cindy
dank filled air got me feeling all windy
i know man with the snow, christmas
my flow’s nice, gyal are running from their misters
you don’t know me, you can’t hug me
don’t judge me, don’t say you love me
girls tryna trap man like my name was country
yeah we’ve got dees but we don’t know funky
notre dam flow ’cause it’s so d~mn ugly
leave a kid open up like a bungee
we’re all eager, my dargs stay hungry
not about the skunk weed but we’ve got the munchies
yeah i’ve grown up now, still flowing bars
my n~ggas on the strip still going hard
females two~by~two, no noah’s arc
muzzle on the flow cah they know it barks
i don’t show love cah it gets parred
and i lend no hands cah they get scarred
nowadays i circle a revenge car
if you bring nanks then it gets stars
don’t worry about yours cah we get ours
mario kart style flow cah i set marks
swagger’s not fly, i rep mars
you’ll never catch me in the rave or a wet dance
catch me in the yard with the hennessy
a yard that you’re never coming in cah there’s ten of we
your dargs all tramps, we’re pedigrees
n~gga shot on the spot like a penalty
nw10 then sw9
and now it’s west ten and i stay on my grind
like a kid on x~mas, eyes on the prize
and you don’t want trouble but you say that you ride
brown stitch trueys, brown [?]
girls doing ueys, trainers prada
flames on the beat cah my flow’s still lava
other rappers like kids, i’m the father
me step on the battlefield and i’m not afraid
couple youngers are hungry, they’re getting brave
so more time double cup, i be getting waved
f~ck beef, i need to focus on getting paid
i don’t flag, don’t throw up no gang signs
a slice of the cake, i wanna grab mine
but don’t ever think a wasteman can act grime
i put a kid to sleep like it’s nap time
nowadays beef is getting silly
f~ck a monkey, i wanna make about a milli
[?] raised by a trini
if it’s war time then my enemies know the dilly
i never take grief from a fool
and na i don’t sleep with a tool
and beef better know jah’s watching us all
satan’s on the groundside watching us fall