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lirik lagu ahs – tomorrow


[hook: ahs]
we don’t beg, don’t borrow, don’t cry
even if we don’t know, we still going to try
got to stay fly, both hands high up in the sky
living for a dream that won’t die
i need my tomorrow right now
looking at my past like “wow”
i don’t know how, but i know some how i made it through
it’s all for you, it’s really all for you (look, look)

[verse 1: ahs]
i spend a lot of time looking for the future
waiting for my shot like a booster
letter to my mama, “mama, i don’t want to be a loser”
they said a beggar couldn’t be a chooser
rappers get chewed up, i don’t really worry about them
they say ahs is dope, “yeah you heard about him? he’s dope”
“yeah homey, he’s fresh man,” flow ice cold like an x-man
ill is my profession, a lot of rappers really don’t impress though
until i pop up like “presto!”, probably the best flow
that’s why i’m taking over the west coast
and headed to the east through pittsburgh, so let’s go
plus i got rip city behind me, no need to remind me
that’s where you can find me, with a slingshot waiting for these philistines
really i’m just trying to get a head like a guillotine

[hook: ahs]

[verse 2: ahs]
i stay attacking the game
because a lot of rappers out are really actually lame
and i used to have an omega attached to my name
but now it’s only three letters for you b-st-rds to blame and that’s ahs
sometimes i grab the mic too swiftly, and say things people don’t like
a few hippies tried to tell me that my flow too trippy
but i can’t keep holding my tongue, it’s too slippery
uh, so i guess i’ll let it flow then
king of this thing, you thor then i’m odin
careful with the words i write, if i showed them
it would turn their hair white like moses, focus
“oh no, he flows so atrocious, every single word he speaks sound ferocious”
“do he talk about all the guns, drugs, and porches”
“no, he’s just trying to get this thing in motion”

[hook: ahs]

[verse 3: ahs]
yeah, peace to adam sadek and mike weigel
i’m king of the mic, no one is taking my mic t-tle
down to take a life if taking a life is vital
my lyrics everywhere in the hood just like bibles
and to my rivals, no survival, i spit flows pyro’
fly like spyro, still flow two-hundred degrees below cryostasis
when i go west like fievel
yeah, it’s an american tale
republicans and democrats giving americans h-ll
truth is that the system of america failed
that’s why we borrow from the fed to build federal jails
be careful of the media, the thing they do the best
is make you love the oppressor and make you hate the oppressed
and they don’t care about your money, they want your soul
black and yellow, black and yellow, oil and gold

[hook: ahs]