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lirik lagu afternoon men – escape from silver hill (part i)


if i’m not mistaken, i said it the first night you caught her eye:
“i don’t trust her as far as i can throw her.”
and now for the latest in a distinguished career of insane behavior
sarah turned your whole family against us

if what you’ve got’s a problem then eddie i’m fucked
they say we’re old, but not old enough not to go out swinging

so i’m hauling -ss up 95
the tanqueray and bruce and i
we’re calling out to mary but she’s stalling on her daddy’s porch

if she decides to go to bed
we’ll go to wendy’s house instead
or candy’s room and woo her with expensive things

i’ve seen first-hand which way that wagon goes:
eddie, it’s a long and lonesome road
through silver hills and sleepless nights
distilling gin with god and sris
and i won’t take it sitting down…

all i’m trying to say, is i’ve got nothing to do
it’s a town full of winners, but someone here’s got to lose
and you know i’m not trying to straight face you
erase, replace or disgrace you
we’re so far gone from the life we’d choose
if we had a choice, i don’t think we do
eddie, all i really want to do
is keep messing up with you

i knew sarah would call ahead
tell the guard at the gate not to let me in
so i parked in a cul-de-sac a quarter mile down the street

and charted a course through a hedge, over a fence
across the lawn ’round back where the kitchen is
and gave the superintendent my tickets to the knicks vs. the heat

in exchange for undying loyalty
and his extra copy of your bedroom key
eddie what do you say?
the night’s still young
let’s get out of here before your family comes
we’ll turn this trainwreck day into a cl-ssic night

they got that quote of camus’ hanging up on the wall
where he claims in the depths of the winter he saw
an invincible summer that kept him warm…

but i’m pretty sure camus drank like a fish
was he not a depressive womanizing atheist?
and didn’t he say there is no fate that you can’t surmount with scorn?

i think he was right
i think he got that one right

all i’m trying to say is what do you want to do?
it’s a town full of winners, but someone here’s got to lose
you know i’m not trying to mislead you
deceive, reprieve, or upheave you
i’m so far gone from the life i’d choose
if i had a choice. i don’t think i do
eddie all i really want is…

to be pretty well known
and have like four or five homes
filled with kids on their phones
doing god only knows
and art that i only own
to show at parties i’ve thrown
for unimpressed ceos
and wives with uplifting tones…
no eddie all i really want to do
is keep messing up with you