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lirik lagu abs-brutal – move


[verse 1: bigkev]
came in with a bag of chips
didn’t know i could rap if it
ask me are my dreams…
like my name, it’s kinda big
they be sayin’ my bars are weak
not to my face, just in tweets
come and say it face to face
then i’ma show you who’s the b~tch
i’m kinda mad cause the last piece
of the puzzle’s missin’ and it’s troublin’ me
and the beast in me is unleashing
how could it be that i’m spittin’ in speed
take me back like two or three
years in the past when i couldn’t really speak
my heart out like i do in these streets
with the pen and the outcome is slaughterin’ beats
(beast) mode, he goes, to eat crow, with migos (wow)
he knows, that he owes an apology to though
but, (these hoes) in each row only speak low (say it)
so be gone, before we go pro
came in to rap not to stab back
like the snake in the past who i left back
cause he thought he could gain from the outcast
but nah i didn’t let that happen
cause now when i think about that assh0l~
i get chills down to my backbone
but bigkev’s not here to back out
cause now he raps to stand out

[verse 2: dnle]
chaos chaos
it’s dani again ~ with the mic and the pen ~ i’m so sick with the microphone in my hand ~ i get cl!cks while i’m home with the band ~ i spray chicks with chlorophoam quick~sand
i’mma.. sick lyricist ~ n0body.. can mirror this ~ get hits like spartacus ~ when i’m droppin’ this ~ n0body will ever be topping this ~ are you watching this? (ha ha) ~ these lil rap names are gettin’ to me
lil wayne, lil baby, lil tjay, lil b, lil uzi and lil pumpy in the hot jaquzzi ~ did’ya hear a difference proba~bly not ~ hit em’ in the drip~spot put em’ in a gridlock ~ tie up the slip~knot together with jay~dot
dissin’ one of us will get you in the red~dot (gunshot) ~ could you ever write like this? ~ could you put up.. a fight like this? ~ could you put up a stance like this? ~ b~tch you could not even enter my crypt
i’m the energy in the symphony ~ immensed with symmetry filled with dignity ~ my utility is my efficiency ~ i butcher all beats so viciously ~

[pre~verse: abs~brutal]
ive done a lota sh~t in my day, ill be honest witchu staright, (yeah), i dont take back what i say, (why) cause i did it my way
i dont take a lota hate, (what) after this i prolly opened the gate, to a bad rate

[verse 3: abs~brutal]
ive got a couple of phases/faces
still i dont have any stages
k!lled a man at an airport
still i don’t see any cases
i had to go a lot~a places just to record these races {tracks}
i ain’t gonna stop grindin till hit the bill~burds
or at least
get my treasure
i’ma become the rap lord
not just the landlord
and i’ve given so much effort
and i can’t afford to lose this
in other words
i can’t help but to smash 2 birds with one rock and then k!ll the last at the third
i’m the hitman
that take that
feed back
aim back
fire back
but i think its respectable
the lever i pull, will make it acceptable
my grandad just died, they told me it’s medical
i don’t think it’s inevitable
they can goahead and l!ck on my genetals
they better stop before gravity falls
executing the protocol
[exocution!] see you got the confusion
raps revolution, lt’s lose and
palms losin’, cause of the bomb am defusin’
better be sure of the decisions your choosin’
i’ll find the prison to rule in
i’ve been, waitin to throw all of you suckas in the garbage bin
(yeah why not?)
“why don’t we write a couple of verses of nuthin’
i’m not bluffin, this mumble rap sh~t will be in my coffin”
hoped it was different
but now yall muddaf~ckas has been ignorant
figurin’, figurin’, that i’m becoming bigger and bigger and
sick off all of these b~tches and
y’all better move