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lirik lagu ab-stract – nobody


[intro: roze]

[verse 1: abstract]
taking trips cause i never tripped on what they said
if you speaking from your heart
naysayers gon’ aim for your head
haters gon’ mess with your vision
keep you up laying in bed
but know you gon’ do this for you
cause you never did this for them
sword was the mightiest pen
you lifted it out of the stone
destinies choosing you
cause the blade was made for you to own
words cut deeper than any blade that a smith could mold
first person reference swung it reckless in my adolescence
so i should know
took the heat right out the air every breath was cold
but now i know
negativity toxic as drop kicks in a mosh pit
everyday is halloween skeletons in my closet
monsters under my bed they tryna get in my head
till i wake up in the morning and forget what they said
so don’t listen to n-body sometimes even yourself
cause the darker parts of the mind aren’t too eager to help
so just know
[hook: roze]

[verse 2: abstract]
such is life
such a vice
such a gift
such is mine
such a movie
such a script
such a trip
i just flew, overseas to meet the whole d-mn team
woulda never got to do this if you swayed my dreams, craig and i been working since i hit 18
and drumma and i made a couple hits you seen
blulake and i turned our lives to movie scenes
crazy plan a turned into the whole a team
what that mean?!
brought together by the power of the music
to my vision and my fans i still stay the truest
they got me moving no label behind the movement
day job to keep me grounded the sound is always improving
small town kid used to dream too big
hope i taught a small town you can’t dream too big
what we got on the way our greatest project to date
we came together to make it
promise it’s worth all the wait

[outro: roze]