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lirik lagu a.r. the mermaid – black heart


d~mn casey

[verse 1]
d~mn casey i’m back at it again
these b~tches hate trying to jack my trends
if a b~tch want smoke she can get it to the throat
i got a glock and i copped a fn
b~tches want to hate because i got my ass in
i never had to touch sh~t from the work house
i got a mad make a b~tch want to go work now
i brought the racks i done copped you a p
they talking dable don’t say nothing to me
i don’t fucc with hoes that can’t keep it g
they say my sh~t up next because my sh~t on repeat
b~tch i’ma dogw i don’t got me a leash
rah rah and tunechi i called em grape street
and he saying i’m exotic i got hook likе bobby
can’t get enough my body
he еat it up real sloppy because he know just how i like it
right hand on the bible