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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – love me


i’m a n0body at school but elsewhere i’m cool no b~tch would of dared play me a fool. this swag is superficial druel. my ice make a shoota freeze my ice put him dead in his tracks his body diseased knife wound ceased

all the b~tches loved me. i love it when they would have courage to come up and talk to me. they love what they see truth is i was happy and later the pain would get the best and rest of me

p~b~rty changed me or did i just gеt old enough to realize thе struggle and pain the insanity amist my brain
i’m older and more of a pushover i use to be boulder. i was on top but you know what they say the party has to stop. just like what must come up must come down. well i fell from h~ll to the ground. don’t seem astound f~ckboy why you frown he say he love 8twins sound

i would later get into music where i’d just loose it because i get lost in it to suppress my inner depression yuh that’s called suppression through depression. you suppressing that girl you depressing that girl you obsessing with that girl