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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – gkc


guns knives and cigarettes ×3

all i’ll ever need is a knife for a gun all ill ever need is a gun for a cigarette shoot the cashier just for the fun of it and the witness ill stick like a pig dig the blade give it a good twist like a sist like a cat they hiss

everybody who bout it all know the worth of a gun is worth nun if it’s criminal history is tied upon several body’s caught they call it a gun that’s hot. i just sold one for 100 it was a ghost and i was lucky to get that cause i always sprayed with it on people rat a tat tat no cap
no capping i am always packing you will never catch me slacking

guns are fun shootas run. why 8twins the only one who will come out to say he don’t pray i’m a dirty sinner. this verse hurts you see pain so strong i began to see reality

beg beg beg for yo life ok give me a n0ble sacrifice i’m with it ill spit it and hit it i’m with the paganism sh~t you fake crip. his blood run drip drip now a demon sip sip

how that boy so rich now i could hang myself on his dropping pockets or i’d hang upon my narcotics in my pockets

no pig wanna cig for ima bigin here it’s me the pigs fear

a cop caught dead on the opp a cop get rocked a cop get socked by the whole d~mn 8twins clique when i go down come out a millionaire because being locked up can get you blowing up on all platforms when you spend time you make a dime or two like i don’t know you again i say who are you where where you when i most needed you on my 8twins clique