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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – bully


coming in and i got that dope on me
they look down on me, they all hate on me
want to clown on me want to f~ck around with me (a) i’ve never been a
cool kid, loser in school but i still smoke because
i feel cool inside but i’m dead inside dead at mind
i have a state of decay among my brain
bullies make me insane make me give me pain
ooh i want to cry in the rain i want to slit my wrist and die today
i can’t help it i am sorry i’m so sorry but i can’t help my pain
these bullies give me pain
uh uh uh!
i was a loser in school i am almost done with
that sh~t you a b~tch as fool now i’m on top and sh~t
i’m on thе come up who are you n~gga look up now you
looking up at me b~tch boy clowning around clowning down on mе
i don’t give a f~ck you bullies
you b~tches you all snitches, b~tches and ditches with riches
i got it all f~ckboy fame dope game i’m still in still reminiscing
about the times when i didn’t have a dime i always
couldn’t catch a line when i did i felt on top of my sh~t
that sh~t sh~t good sh~t sh~t in the ditch
pop her pants i want to make her dance p~ssy prance like bambi
i don’t give a f~ck because guess what she gets shot in the end
dope fean on dope fean hmm…
bullies are all the same i don’t want the fame i just want that dope
game that easy money that get rich quick that die hit a f~cking l!ck
i don’t give a f~ck what you say in the end
sinner don’t pray lucifer way okay what yuh say
bully come up in this b~tch and i shoot you two
straight to your head lead to the head shooter caught dead
the feds on me ugh the feds on me or did shooter just bluff they want
to see cuffed in the end you f~ck
n~ggas my fans i’m racking up h~ll of bands
i don’t give a f~ck what you say it’s a freestyle
and eric will stay 8twins on his way 8twins don’t fade
i don’t give a f~ck what you say in the end you f~ck n~ggas my fans
bullies want to rate on me hate on me you
clown ass quier ass n~gga want to date on me.)