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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – blood for blood


hook~ he stole my gun so i know the boy will fold he will run when my new gun sprays him why these punks praise him that bullet didn’t faze him the next 3 didn’t even daze him okay i see. i pull out my little shorty blaze it down his throat now he gon feel my pain as he choke

verse~ you was suppose to be my brother h~ll you was suppose to be my soldier my second hand shoota as he get second hand high from the dope i’m taking into my lungs

verse~ i am from the south so he better watch his mouth my blood dripping texas i ain’t talking gang but i still slang. i’m a rockstar alexi texas i bang i be banging her while slanging her i be banging her while selling her

verse~ i am a pimp but never a simp and i love the hemp. you’d never catch me tripping over a girl i just be trapping on her doe she a hoe. the dope wh0re swore f~cka more legs clamped like a smore

verse~ on real sh~t doe my mom done gave up on me she don’t even wanna see me cause ima real uh i am the k!ller

verse~ on real sh~t doe she still be talking bout when i shot someone when i was fourteen like it happened a month ago like really obviously i’m a k!ller so?

verse~ so i am down so i be selling by the pounds so i be selling to hounds they be looking astound cause my dope not cut or clean no cuts seen

verse~ dope by the pound 8twins my sound everyone hounds i’m a k!ller as i smile no frowns

verse ~ i be repping solo now i got out on blood for blood but i’ll still put any shoota down in the mud over bud

verse ~ hush hush hush i’ll tell you i said so when this track released by each rack i seek d~mn i am geeked
d~mn good coc and meth the p~ck~rwoods taught me well how to flip the profit and i know already if that sh~t real it burn d~mn i am going to h~ll

verse~ they telling me 8twins false claim on set b~tch bet i show up solo i take em down ground in pound beat his ass near death then i hit the meth go off as i get off to the sound of his skin burning taking away pounds now he looking astound upon 8twins sound ha