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lirik lagu 8corpses – pregame for hell



intoxicated to the point i can’t think
hearing screams
drowning out my feelings with yet
another drink
suicidal ideation
i think i’m on the brink
past the point of needing yet another shrink
physical embodiment
of a misprint
life glitched out
and put me into existence
stoned like medusa
off the sativa
i’m the walking anomaly
toxins flooding through my body

f~ck y’all who have judged me
frequencies entering
the labyrinth
it’s laughable people think
i’m satanic
b~tch, i’m the devil
i don’t need to worship myself
i’m not a narcissistic cannibal
but i’ll turn ya brain to relish
i’ma make your life h~ll
voodoo magic
watch you vanish
i’ll turn your car
into the he~rs~ and the casket
f~cking maggot
i’m a menace
i’ll leave you frightened