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lirik lagu 8corpses – omega



loyalty ain’t rife
trust almost isn’t worth my time
people switch up
quicker than light
if i’m with a girl
i’m not looking for another to pipe
only for the pipe
smoking ’til i’m blind
listening to semi charmed life
probably plotting how i’ll die
i’ll murder somebody for a fix
i wanna decimate a predator
they say age is just a number
but so are the rounds in my chamber

i’m just a sad motherf~cker
starring at myself in the mirror
if you’d seen my interior
you’d know that i feel inferior
i’ve tried everything
but nothing has helped
relentless thoughts of k!lling myself
i hate thеse voices inside in my hеad
they always say
“look both ways before you cross,”
but sometimes your own people
nail you to one (to one, to one)