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lirik lagu 8corpses – heathen psalm


i say, that the bible, like the quran, and like the torah, is manmade. not god made. it’s human made, literary accretion full of plagiarism, contradiction, fragmentation, and so on. there’s nothing defined about it, and it [?] just saying, “i can trump anything you say because here’s god’s word on the page. [?]

they claim god
can cure disease
but he can’t even give back limbs
to amputees
he’s so f~cking weak
what’s the point of prayer?
if he has a plan already
are you demanding
that he changes things?
but he’s omniscient, right?
all knowing
with all that insight
what’s thе point
if he knows everything
evеn before you started prayin’
this whole thing is worth nothin’
how can he be lovin’
with bone cancer in children

heaven sounds like it’s north korean
holy books were written by
imperfect men
that were barbarians
saying what they wrote
was perfection
it’s all indoctrination
people have been duped
without tangible proof
all they got is faith
confirmation bias
faith isn’t knowledge
natural disaster is rife
f~ck an afterlife
the though of it
makes me wanna commit suicide (suicide)