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lirik lagu 8corpses – diablo


panama red
dab pen
and some needle point
now let’s flip a coin
where do i go tonight
my failure to die
is my kryptonite
no refill
this life doesn’t
come with a sequel
might die by a needle
dilated pupils
i try to stay tranquil
but b~tches are deceitful
so i ain’t peaceful
diabolic individual
tired of it all
i f~ckin hate people

shot up my whip
you missed
i still exist
even when i’m shooting up dope
motherf~cker i don’t miss
nice try
yippie kay yay

i also wanna be morte
long gone
like the f~cks i once gave
i know you wanna see me die
but i wanna be the
one taking my ilfe
i’m rockin
don’t not resuscitate
uno reverse card
might overdose anyday
people will say
bad things happen in 3’s
until they meet me
as i p~ss
i’m sippin on a 40
in chaos
there’s opportunity
you should know that
i’m the h~ll sp~wn
epitome of murphy’s law
engulfing alcohol
by the crack of dawn
no one will miss me
when i’m gone
imma die young
lsd tabs
underneath my tounge
taking hits from the bong
going out like chris farley
if he was introverted and unfunny
f~ck a filter
imma blunt motherf~cker
imma tell you how it is
never a sugarcoater
f~ck euphemisms
you’re a c~nt
that’s an aphorism
prime example of alcoholism
middle fingers
are my mannerisms
walking cataclysm
f~ck the system
f~ck the catechism
f~cks given
in the minus
coke up in my sinus
actavis school bus
drugs are my favorite apparatus
my brain is a circus
mixing chemicals
like it’s science
getting so high
you can’t even
see my iris
wanna escape
this crisis
turning down the brightness
f~ck a bias
never been pious

f~ck the self righteous
they’re annoying as tinnitus

people have always
pulled a judas
so spineless
better practice silence
nothing is priceless
we all pay a toll
with our soul
feelin like daniel victor jones
feel failed by everything that i know
just wanna take a round to the dome
clouded mindset
like a cataract
a 9 millimeter
round salad
sounds immaculate
always remember
don’t put all your eggs
in one basket
i’m bound for a
premature casket
kindness is something
life doesn’t practice
we all get shoveled in the end
doesn’t matter if we like it
needa goth b~tch
but for now
my switchblade stays my sidekick

not much of a difference

cause they both cut sh~t

when it comes to acid

better know i’m loving it
like mcdonald’s
but we talkin psychedelics
b~tch ya know i’m strident
but ironically
i f~cking hate
being concious
it’s not contentious
y’all make me so nauseous
hit the blunt
so i’m not anxious
i’m precarious
voices in my head
are nefarious