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lirik lagu 8corpses – azazel



b~tch, i’m a n0body
i’m the yeti
doing drugs like they’re candy
pull up with the artillery
i’m ready for a homi’
break into yo’ house
there ain’t getting out
once i’m in
make you leap
like an amphibian
send you to oblivion
turn ya body to spaghetti
put 6~6~6
on ya walls in graffiti
in my head, i got a colony
it ain’t peaceful
like the iroquois confederacy

smack that smile off your face
crack ya head open like an egg
burn you at the stake
make some s’mores with the flame
play this lil’ piggy
with your toes
rip them off as i go
you know how it goes
make the search party
do circles for your body
but they won’t find sh~t
’cause you’ll be cut up like pastrami
dead like a mummy
paper thin and folded like origami
make a grown man cry for his mommy
haha (haha)