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lirik lagu 8alin – isol8ed


on an ill mission
k!ll 6 that’s precision
the musicians think i’m sick with the spittin’
and the rappers think i’m next with the beats
most def ~ definitely
double entendre both sides serrated
i’m a gemini meaning i’m dual bladed
too much ac it’s making me feel faded
i’mma listen and i’ll blaze my spliff
get away from the riff
i wanna be isolated
ah sh~t the lord done gave it
i know that you forgave me
and i will not forget it naw
baby baby
baby baby
you know i pass you the ball
for the easy lay~in
i’mma give it my all
and it’s gone test my patience
you heard them proclamations
and you the one i want involved
baby baby
ooooh (repeat )

verse 2:
quarantining with you
we on lock down
swear we blazing down
by the quarter pound
and my sister repping out by the puget sound
they be watching me like griffey with the hits now
like holy sh~t
up from charmander to charizard lil’ b~tch
beats is flamin’ check the credits on that sh~t
i won’t ever be dismissed ‘cus i’m legit
and my shawty i won’t quit on naw
if it’s a party then she with on god
yeah she make me wanna hop in the booth
can’t ever say we ain’t got nothin’ to do
hear that track and then she putting me on
like a jeezy song
way down like bottom
and she be the number 1

ooooh (repeat )