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lirik lagu 888słeepy – bands


getting to the racks and i won’t be here in the morning
we been working hard and they been sitting back they snoring
member all those days to them i wasn’t that important

now i’m l.a they call my phone and i ignore
mike amiri jeans i jus want mike amiri jeans
i jus wanna full the pockets feel them ripping by seam
she ain’t used to want me, used to hurt my self esteem
now she be like baby baby can you come and hang with me

i’m like woah i’m like ho i been chilling wit my same clique
i’m like woah i’m like ho nowadays i got my main b~tch
swerve the left swerve the right do my lane switch
never change never fo,d i’m on that same sh~t
sometimes i jus like to be alone
sh~t get sad, why it feel like i can’t trust a soul
all this cash all the racks all this mf dough
i thought it’d make me happy but it turns out i feel broke
i’m wit the clique, i’m wit the clique, i’m wit the same ones
i’m with my bae, i’m wit my bae, she is my main one
i need the dough, i need the dough, i need the big funds
going too fast, needs move slow, let all the pain numb
letting the pain numb
do you not know where my pain from
day one, all this sh~t since day one
pray some, i prolly should’ve jus prayed some
special occasion i think i might jus go face one

were you there when i had nothing
were you there when we was kids
member days i was hungry
i ain’t even have a chip
i be hot like i’m the oven
i stay cool like i’m the fridge
imma pop out like toaster cuz i’m really wot the shiits

i be running up the number
i be cooling wit my lover
put a ring up on her finger
put some diamonds on my wrist
we be shining like some stars
used to look at them as kids
they all think it’s stupid, i think this jus might be it
i jus run it, b~tch i’m moving h~lla fast
make my momma proud not letting up the gas
they all wanna get it so they running they all ass
b~tch i come in first, i ain’t ever f~cking last
stop we all know that you not it
police i’m in da store i’m boutta cop sh~t
bass sound or is that jus the chopstick
i can jus tell who you are by the people that you rock with