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lirik lagu 888 producer – fate (feat. tyrik $upreme)


this might be my last feature for a while so imma make it count
i start it off all praises to the most high
now imma start preparing slaughter
it’s a lot going on outchea i’m here to state we was the starters
flawless victory bars is misery
forgive me king i wanted to do it different for so long
i don’t even feel the need to keep this going
imma retire unknown and still those who know me know i’m goated
i got blemish i’m still striving for perfection
shots fired nihgas nervous
y’all talking big i don’t feel yo purpose
big up israel scattered abroad we the greatest seed on the earth
life like fruit
it can be sweet or bitter
can you endure and stay meek even in cold winters
militant when it’s war time
fess up you got to choose a side
fate calls last days you wanna die