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lirik lagu 888 blue! – big mouth freestyle


[verse 1]
your b~tch, she be with me
i’m crazy like britney
i’m rockin’ that louis, that prada, that fendy
they actin’ offended, d~mn
like famous dex, i be in j~pan
holy sh~t, he spent fifty grand?
d~mn, hey, i be rockin’ that yeezy like kanye west
they all wanna be me, like i’m the best
they all wanna beat me like in a test
yeah, hey
they all wanna sign me, like calm down
just pressed decline on a call now
just pressed decline so i can ball now
woke up with a thousand guys sounding like me
bought a ring, made her wifey
they all offended, wanna fight me
yeah, hey
like yu~gi~oh you wanna d~d~duel
i know i ain’t got no jewel, but i’m still drippin’ like i’m in a pool
i’m super hot but i’m still undercooled
yeah, hey
jump start, i got off the ground, uh
hey, i don’t even know what to say now, uh
know i’m back from my break now, yeah
hey, uh
they all been sleepin’ on me, like
i know i gotta k!ll it for free, like
i don’t know i guess i gotta make it myself, you know?
yeah, hey, here it comes, you ain’t ready

[verse 2]
all these beatbox freestyles
i won’t do one for a hundred thou’
talkin’ sh~t like big mouth
guess who’s lookin’ like a monster now?
i know i can’t go wild
’cause i know i won’t get a “wow”
i’m lookin’ like a f~ckin’ king ’cause you see i be wearin’ crowns